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Taxes for Individuals and Families

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Frequently asked questions regarding taxes

Turning 70½ This Year?

If you are turning 70½ this year, you may face a number of special tax issues. Not addressing these issues properly could result in significant penalties and filing hassles.

Tax Publications

A list of IRS tax publications you may view, print or save to your hard drive.

Tax Credits

There are a number of tax credits that are available to individual taxpayers and small businesses. Unlike tax deductions which reduce your taxable income, tax credits reduce the actual tax dollar for dollar. Here is a rundown of the more commonly available tax credits.

Charitable Contributions

This section explores some of the special rules that apply to charitable contributions, including deductions, non-cash contributions, car donations, etc. The latest tax law changes that were recently passed are also discussed. Use this information to help you make the most of your contributions.